Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency

Why ask the Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency to collect your debts?

Receive more of the debt paid to you and pay smaller fees with less risk to you. Here are some of the reasons why you can confidently hand over your debt recovery problems to the Jack Russell Collections Agency;

  • We have over 20 years experience in debt recovery
  • Our resources include a UK-wide network of debt collection offices
  • Outstanding reputation with businesses in the UK through British Chambers of Commerce & IOD membership
  • We succeed in collecting 80% of debts that we pursue
  • We work on a ‘no collection no fee’ basi*
  • Unlike many other debt recovery companies we do not charge a signing-on fee for undisputed debts
  • We are a one-stop shop for debt recovery; from credit control through to legal action
  • We work in partnership with expert solicitors, insolvency practitioners and translators
  • Save mooney on yearly admin fees

* This does not apply to personal or disputed debts.

The annual administration fees charged by many debt recovery companies can be extremely high – sometimes even equalling the actual debt that you are owed. Not us though, in fact one of our longstanding clients, a food and drink company based in London, has saved on average £2,000 per annum since changing to Jack Russell over six years ago.

Jack Russell never give up

Our commitment to staying on a case to the bitter end pays huge dividends for our clients. More often than not we can avoid the last resort – a bankruptcy petition – while still achieving spectacular results with clients receiving full payment of the debt and also having their costs reimbursed.

If we have problems collecting a debt for you because of an insolvency, we will liaise with our experienced insolvency practitioner to ascertain whether or not we can proceed. If it transpires that we cannot collect the debt, we will give you a full explanation of the reasons.

What our clients say

“Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency were extremely professional from the outset. We had tried every means to obtain outstanding monies from some clients; I never expected any other company could achieve this. They were quick, effective and very efficient. I would highly recommend them.”

Sandra Adams, Blaze Fire Protection

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