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A Debtors Concerto in 5 Movements

There is usually a song for every occasion but have you ever considered the top five tunes in relation to credit control and debt collection? As cash flow continues to be The prime factor in the failing of any business maybe it’s time to listen to the Jack Russell choice of five appropriate songs.

  1. A good one to start with would be “I shot the sheriff”. We are suggesting here that you do not carry out such an action as you need these guys on your side!high Court sheriffs work in conjunction with the Jack Russell team and have proven to be highly effective at recovering County Court judgement debts so for once don’t listen to Bob Marley!
  2. As Celine Dion is back touring in the UK this year then we should mention one of her songs namely “Think twice”. this is extremely sound advice for your credit control team when you are deciding on whether to give credit to a new customer. Make sure that you carry out a thorough credit search on anyone that you are likely to do business with for the first time.
  3. “Patience” Is something that you always need when you are negotiating settlement on any contentious debts. So instead of taking the strong arm tactics and saying “take that”it could be wise to weigh up all the options particularly legal costs before embarking on any lengthy legal proceedings.
  4. Elvis Costello May have the right idea when it comes to cash flow so get into a positive frame of mind and Open “pump it up”. Get out there and do some networking and make some new contacts and that way you may avoid olivers army knocking on your door!
  5. We believe that we have saved the most appropriate song for last. The artists and the song says it all. “Money for nothing” By Dire Straits.


Enjoy your day and keep on rocking in the free world!


Blog by Kerry Bland
Director of Jack Russell Debt Collection and Legal Process Servers

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