Express Debt Recovery


No RECOVERY then NO FEE or even FREE !

Rapid action is crucial to get ahead of other Creditors so we can collect your hard earned cash. For undisputed debts, Jack Russell will ACT within ONE HOUR of being instructed.

We will:

  • Check your Ts and Cs to see if we can recover your money for free.
  • Send you an immediate commission quotation taking in to account the age, size and difficulty of the debt.

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Using our express service

The Jack Russell express debt recovery service specialises in cases where speedy collection of a debt is advisable. It bypasses our normal debt collection process and produces a visit to your debtor within 24 hours of your instruction to us.

For example, a recruitment company based in the North of England made a decision on the spot for us to issue and serve a statutory demand on a debtor that very afternoon in Central London. Later that day we collected our client’s £15,000 debt in full, ahead of all others. The debtor company eventually went into liquidation and none of the other unsecured creditors received any dividend payment.

Be at their doorstep / offices within 48 hours

Jack Russell work with “selective lawyers” to get a Statutory Demand issued and personally delivered to your debtor/debtor Company from as quickly as 2 days. 93% success rates through this professional service avoiding lengthy County Court action in some cases. Interest & Late payment fees can be added to your debts.

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