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Jack Russell Debt Collection’s guide to suing

  • County Court action generally covers outstanding invoices, return of goods, breach of contract and landlord/tenancy claims.
  • If you are considering suing, ensure you comply with the pre-action protocols, some sectors have their own specific protocol for example the Construction and Engineering sector.
  • The small claims court now covers anything up to £5k and is generally a fairly straightforward procedure.

“They promise you this, they promise you that

It’s just about time to sue the rat.”

-Kerry Bland, MD, Jack Russell Debt Collection & Legal Process Servers.

  • Don’t forget you are entitled to claim statutory interest on late or missed payments at 8% per annum or contractual interest as per your terms.
  • Ensure you pay the right court fee for the amount being chased. These costs can be recovered in the event of a successful claim.
  • If the debtor is ignoring your contact, a County Court Judgment can be obtained in default.
  • If the debt is disputed, the matter is generally transferred to the debtor’s home court.
  • Mediation. This now applies as an alternative dispute resolution procedure.

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