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What you should consider if you’re taking legal action against a business

If you as a creditor are considering legal action against a business, then the County court will expect you to have followed a pre-legal action protocol. This could also save you considerable costs against you if you fail to comply with this.

A clearly written letter should always be sent to your debtor detailing how your claim is calculated and if interest is to be added a statement explaining the basis on which it is being charged. For example, reference to a particular clause in a contract which allows for interest to be added. It should also state your payment terms and how and when this is to be paid with full details of your bank account including sort code to enable on line transfers. Any disputes should also be clearly outlined by way of a suggested method of resolution such as agreeing to a mediator acceptable to both parties.

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Reference to clauses in your contract, everything needs to be clear before taking legal action.

Always ensure this is done prior to outsourcing the debt to a third-party company or selling the debt on.

If you need any advice or help taking the next steps then get in touch for a free consultation and discuss what options you have.

Kerry Bland – Jack Russell Debt Collection

Come join us – Networking event line up (2019)

17th of October 2019. British Polish network at the Polish embassy in London 12 noon until 2:30 pm

18th of October 2019 SME network at the Hilton Hotel Manchester 8:30 am till 10 am

22nd of October 2019 corporate entertainment at the Etihad Stadium Manchester for the Manchester City versus Atlanta Champions League fixture. Contact for further information

24th of October 2019 Polish business roadshow at Nat West Bank Spinningfields Manchester 6 pm until 8 pm

6th of November 2019 time to talk business network at London E 20 1DB as part of the London chamber of Commerce.12:30 pm until 2:30 pm

21st of November 2019 Manchester business network at the Midland hotel. 12 noon until 2:30 pm

4th of December 2019Time to talk business network at HSBC Canada Square London 12 noon until 2:30 pm

10th December 2019 London chamber of Commerce networking lunch at Devonshire’s solicitors near Liverpool Street London 12 noon till 2 pm Asian business Association dinner 6 pm till 8:30 pm venue to be confirmed

12th of December 2019 Manchester business network at the Midland hotel 12 noon until 2:30 pm.

Week commencing 16th of December 2019 we will be organising a get together at the Manchester Christmas markets. Watch this space.

Business CCJ’s are up by 12 percent

This month, our first article covers a report by the Registry Trust which shows during the first quarter of 2019 there had been a 12 percent increase in country court judgments against business in England and Wales.

Our second article covers what CRAR and Quarter Days mean and the steps of enforcement that could follow from a commercial rent arrears recovery.

I am delighted to announce I will be introduced as a new fellow of the Chartered Insititute of Credit Management at the CICM Fellows’ Celebratory Lunch this Friday.

Finally, myself and Gordon Dean, Group Director will be attending the Civil Court Users Association’s House of Lords dinner on Wednesday, June 26th. The House of Lords dinner gives attendees an opportunity to discuss relevant issues within the industry.

Regards Alan J Smith, AHCEO FCICM

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What is a Debt Collection Agency?

The Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency has now been trading well over 30 years and it was set up due to the massive demand from businesses who were struggling to get the customers to either pay them on time or at all.

Indeed, the reason most businesses fail is down to cash flow and their inability to recover what is rightfully theirs. This is why the majority of small to medium-size firms now choose to outsource their credit control and professional debt recovery requirements to a debt collection agency.

Kerry Bland, Jack Russell’s founder director, recognised this anomaly and decided to use his expertise and years of experience working for various organisations chasing cash such as the Inland Revenue, a finance company and a leading firm of solicitors to help fill a massive gap in the market and pioneer what is now known as a no recovery no fee arrangement on undisputed debts for all companies, Partnerships and sole traders.

Jack Russell now provide their unique services to companies who give credit to their customers such as recruitment agencies, property management companies, IT firms, accountants, day nurseries and many many more.

They also work closely with member firms of leading Chambers of Commerce particularly those in London and Manchester offering a nationwide cost-effective Debt Collection solution. This can be through skilled telephone negotiation or bespoke written requests as well as an in-house legal collections service at no additional cost other than the standard county court fee.

One of the most popular pieces of ammunition in the locker is a legal statutory demand that can be both issued and personally delivered to the debtors in question and in urgent cases, Jack Russell can turn this around inside 48 hours. Interest and a statutory compensation fee can also be claimed which often can offset and easily cover any fees required for this extremely successful and popular recovery process.

The Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency have an extremely high success rate and rather than putting your business at risk through bad debts then it is worth considering using their know-how to get your money into your bank account rather than it remaining in someone else’s. Furthermore if you are considering doing new business with a new customer then they can also provide you with a credit report free of charge so that you make the right decision for your business.

A free no obligation quote is always available so that you can consider your options. Act now and don’t leave it too late as many people do.

A testimonial from Perfect Pitch Consultancy Ltd

‘Fortunately we haven’t had to use debt collection services much, but both times we’ve used Jack Russell. They provide a straightforward and professional service – they don’t charge the earth and in both cases we have been paid within weeks of engaging the services of Jack Russell. Highly recommend Julie and the team!’

Perfect Pitch Consultancy Ltd

A testimonial from Bistra Blazheva, IWS WEB SERVICES LTD.

‘Jack Russell Debt Collection is one of the best choice’s if your in need of a debt collecting company in the UK, also they have an excellent expertise with helping collect overseas debts. They are extremely professional, quick, effective and very efficient. I would highly recommended them.’

Bistra Blazheva

Testimonial feedback

‘Thank you for recently collecting an outstanding debt on our behalf.  I would be more than happy to recommend you as your service has been excellent. I would have no hesitation in using your services again’

Stephen – Bowness Builders

How to collect invoices successfully

How to collect invoices SUCCESSFULLY at the end of EVERY month

Be prepared

Gather your ammo, always have in front of you as much information about your customer and the debt as you can, including having the invoices and their personal file at hand.

Take notes

Document everything that is said, either on the phone or in meetings, have a secretary take notes or voice recordings which is very useful so you can reflect back on what has been said in case there are any disputes.

Keep a personal connection

Always keep the customer informed after sending products or providing services and ideally just before the invoice payment date arrives, ask open questions like, “is everything satisfactory with the invoice?”  and “is the payment due date ok?” or “if there are any other questions?”.

Don’t jump to conclusions

The initial collection call should aim to confirm the debt has not been paid,

  • The unpaid invoice should not be seen as a collection issue just yet and may be down to miscommunication, so you want to be careful.
  • Consider things from your side of the business.
  • Has the product or service been shipped or sent correctly in the agreed time frame or if the invoice wasn’t sent or received?

Late invoices 

If the invoice is late, start with Hello it’s______ from company ______ I noticed your behind in this invoice. Was there a problem with it? Once the client gives you the reasons be sure to document it and be nice but in control, the tone of your voice can affect the way the conversation may go stay upbeat and cheery and your more than likely to have a more positive response from your client always ask if there is anything you can do to help with the invoice and if they need any more information about the business etc showing that you are doing all that you can to help, if the caller senses your under pressure they may try to negotiate a better deal with you so stay upbeat and positive and this should result in full invoice amounts getting paid.

Stay calm

If the person you call gets a little irate. Don’t automatically go on the defence, just take a deep breath, remain calm and collected and maybe suggest calling them back at another time.  You can usually tell when things are turning but keep dialogue constructive, and let the person feel he’s making headway.

Avoid confrontation 

Try to asses if the excuses that your being told for non-payment are legitimate.

If the customer says “someone in payroll forgot to make the payment”, Call the payroll dept to confirm that. You can usually tell when someone is being sincere or over the phone – they may stutter slightly or sound as though they’re caught off guard, usually your first gut reaction is right.

Open communication is key  

Someone who may not be able to pay up front may be able to pay in smaller instalments or at a little later than usual date, so ask open questions like how much can you afford to pay?” That way you can help the debtor figure out how to get the money to you without paying exorbitant interest, this also reduces the risk of confrontation and makes the debtor feel more at ease.

Give options 

Offer different payment methods to your clients and always get signatures. Either email, fax or meet in person to get the authorisation form signed and of course make sure yourself or HR get copies of these.


Provide the debtor with a Verbal summary of what was discussed on the phone, including how and when a payment will be made, once a payment method has been agreed ask the debtor to call back to confirm a payment has been sent.


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