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Debts: to collect or not to collect?


My first experience of debt collection came as an 11-year-old lad tramping the streets of many council estates in order to collect the money for the milk that I had delivered weeks before.

Of course, I didn’t know then, that this hands on approach would serve me well in the 40 odd years that I have since worked in the debt collection industry!

Collecting money goes back a long way. In ancient civilisations they would force debtors, their wives and children into debt slavery until the creditor recouped their losses through physical labour. Thankfully things have changed for the better but it is still a massive challenge for small businesses to keep on top of this problem.

Small firms currently account for around 99 per cent of all private sector business in the UK. Managing cash flow is the biggest single factor in the demise of those businesses so debt collectors still play a very important role in keeping the wheels of industry turning.


There are still a lot of basic rules that can be applied before the business necessarily needs the services of a debt collection agency. For example, it is crucial that clear payment terms are not only included in the contract between businesses but also re-emphasised on the actual invoice. 30 days is standard as it ties in with the same terms that most employees are paid and also suppliers. Some industry sectors may impose shorter payment terms

Encouraging customers to pay online and offering a small discount for prompt payment will u assist businesses in the avoidance of bad debt The same can be said for setting up standing orders with clients that you may have regular dealings with and this is common practice for accountants, who should know a thing or two about finance. Using a credit controller or a bookkeeper who can provide weekly or monthly lists of overdue accounts is also good management practice.


If your customer becomes difficult and either won’t pay or is not in a position to pay it may be worth considering using an external debt collection agency.

There are a number of important factors to take into account before instructing a third-party collection firm:

• How long have they been established?

• Have they provided references from customers who have been satisfied with their services?

• Do they have clear terms and conditions?

• Are they charging you money upfront? Not acceptable in my view, the exception being for court fees or disbursements.

• Are the company or their directors, members of any professional organisation? Look for membership of an appropriate professional association.


Ensure also that they are not simply a letter writing service, as many agencies are. A pro-active company that will visit your customers to ensure that they are still trading and to negotiate a settlement is essential. An in-house legal department is also useful so that they are also able to institute legal action on your behalf or indeed the issue and service of a legal notice known as a statutory demand which is a very useful tool for undisputed debts

Finally, be advised that they need to be working in partnership with firms of lawyers so that any complicated or disputed case can be effectively dealt with either through professional mediation or through the county court system.

A collection agency is more relevant now in 2015 than ever and can provide an excellent one stop shop for any accounts that go beyond your normal trading terms.

Kerry Bland

Director of Jack Russell Debt Collection & Legal Process Servers



4 essential tips for avoiding cash flow and bad debt problems

Are you credit checking all of your customers?

The majority of UK businesses will have in-house procedures for credit checking, however, it is not always your new customers that may be your biggest risk. If you took on a customer three years ago, who is to say that their circumstances have not changed? They may now have County Court judgements registered against them or have failed to submit their last set of accounts on time. It is worthwhile having a system which constantly updates fresh credit information.

Payment terms

You may have set these terms at the outset of your business but it may be worth changing needs to improve your cash flow. For example, if you originally set these at 30 days why not reduce them to 14 days to allow you to chase your outstanding invoices quicker.

Clear and concise invoices

To cut down on the amount of queries which is a costly exercise for any business, make sure you have clearly itemised individual goods and in the case of services that the hourly rate or commission is also clearly detailed


To give any third-party collection agency the best chance of recovering your outstanding debts, try and pass these on no later than 30 days after your invoice becomes overdue.

Hot Tub Blame Machine

Jack Russell debt collectors act for many different and unusual customers that often present a challenge!


Recently, a landscape gardening company instructed JR to recover a debt for………an unpaid hot tub which has caused them to get a little steamed up! Why?

Well most people will never be able to afford such an item or will consider it to be a luxury that is not necessary. Given the nature of this commodity, it was expected that this was simply going to be an oversight by the debtor and would be paid for immediately. Imagine the surprise when the debtor responded by instructing a lawyer specialising in human rights who claimed that his client was being unfairly treated by being approached to pay for this hot tub in full forthwith.

So what is the world coming to when someone can order a luxury item and then plead hardship and offer to pay 1 pound per month. So who is to blame? Is it the client for allowing credit to easily or is it the debtor for ordering something he knew he could not afford and then attempt to defraud his way out of paying or is it the English legal system for allowing such a travesty


Let me know your views through LinkedIn

A Debtors Concerto in 5 Movements

There is usually a song for every occasion but have you ever considered the top five tunes in relation to credit control and debt collection? As cash flow continues to be The prime factor in the failing of any business maybe it’s time to listen to the Jack Russell choice of five appropriate songs.

  1. A good one to start with would be “I shot the sheriff”. We are suggesting here that you do not carry out such an action as you need these guys on your side!high Court sheriffs work in conjunction with the Jack Russell team and have proven to be highly effective at recovering County Court judgement debts so for once don’t listen to Bob Marley!
  2. As Celine Dion is back touring in the UK this year then we should mention one of her songs namely “Think twice”. this is extremely sound advice for your credit control team when you are deciding on whether to give credit to a new customer. Make sure that you carry out a thorough credit search on anyone that you are likely to do business with for the first time.
  3. “Patience” Is something that you always need when you are negotiating settlement on any contentious debts. So instead of taking the strong arm tactics and saying “take that”it could be wise to weigh up all the options particularly legal costs before embarking on any lengthy legal proceedings.
  4. Elvis Costello May have the right idea when it comes to cash flow so get into a positive frame of mind and Open “pump it up”. Get out there and do some networking and make some new contacts and that way you may avoid olivers army knocking on your door!
  5. We believe that we have saved the most appropriate song for last. The artists and the song says it all. “Money for nothing” By Dire Straits.


Enjoy your day and keep on rocking in the free world!


Blog by Kerry Bland
Director of Jack Russell Debt Collection and Legal Process Servers

Testimonial feedback

‘Thank you for recently collecting an outstanding debt on our behalf.  I would be more than happy to recommend you as your service has been excellent. I would have no hesitation in using your services again’

Stephen – Bowness Builders

Recommendation from Pamela Potter

We are currently in the process of using Jack Russell Debt Collection & Legal Process Servers Limited to recover a debt for us that, at one point, we had totally given up on.  We have received excellent service from them and, we are now happy and surprised to say, the debtor is now making regular payments in order to pay us back the money owed.  We are delighted with the outcome and have no hesitation in recommending Jack Russell Debt Collection. Should we find ourselves in the same situation again we will contact Jack Russell Debt Collection immediately.

I was happy and surprised to receive the monies on a debt I had totally given up on at one point.  After instructing Jack Russell Debt Collection I was delighted that the cheque was sent so promptly to me.  I am therefore very happy to recommend Jack Russell Debt Collection.

Pamela Potter from Orpington in Kent

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