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Recruitment Agency Debt Collection

Recruitment agencies like many debt collection agencies such as ourselves work entirely on commission fees. 

This not only means that a serious amount of man hours have been spent often over a prolonged period of time before the agency can claim back what is rightfully theirs as an income. This in itself can put a severe strain on cash flow. 

Jack Russell recognise also that there are quite a number of unscrupulous people and businesses that take on staff and then fail to disclose this to the recruiters in an attempt to avoid paying the Agents’s.

Our business has vast experience of dealing with these types of people and we would welcome the challenge of assisting anyone in this precarious position. Often the same names can crop up again and again so we may even know of the defaulters That you are having 
these issues with. 

Don’t let them get away with it! Please contact us today for immediate action.

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