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Doorstep collections

doorstep collectionsThis is part of our normal debt collection cycle if the debt is over £1k.

For more urgent instructions and larger debts, we can arrange for a personal visit within 72 hours of receiving instructions to bring us in front of your debtor and demand the outstanding debt. This service will short circuit the normal process to achieve faster results.

Here are a couple of real examples of doorstep collections

A Northampton based Day Nursery with a serious debt problem instructed us to recover one of their large County Court Judgment debts. They had been unsuccessful using County Court Bailiffs who had called at inappropriate times. They specifically requested a weekend visit from one of our Enforcement Officers who collected an on the spot payment in full of £2800. This included all related costs incurred to our client.

Another example is a London firm of Insolvency Practitioners who instructed us to call on a Essex based Sole Trader in the building industry. Previously, they had had no joy through their processes but Jack Russell managed to ascertain that the business had ceased some months ago, the Sole Trader had had his house repossessed and he had disappeared to Spain. It brought closure on the debt, as it was clearly not commercially viable to continue.

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