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Outsourcing Credit Control

With the UK still suffering from the a tough economy, credit management continues to be a crucial issue. Sadly, the survival of many otherwise healthy business is in doubt owing to a lack of working capital and credit.  It is therefore essential for companies to plan and implement an excellent credit management strategy, to ensure that customers pay them on time.

Many businesses find that outsourcing credit control portfolio is a very cost-effective solution. The Jack Russell Collections Agency is able to provide an efficient credit management service at extremely competitive daily or hourly rates, either at your offices or off-site.

Why consider outsourcing credit control to Jack Russell?

Using our credit management service will help you to reduce your costs and overheads, increase your profits and maintain a healthy cash flow.

  • We can save you considerable time and free up valuable resources,
  • We have the expertise to deliver rapid results,
  • We can negotiate settlements and/or instigate payment plans at an early stage, resolving any queries promptly,
  • Our experienced credit control team are well versed in the use of tact and diplomacy to produce positive results,
  • We offer solutions for both cash flow management and sales ledger management,
  • We are experienced in invoice discounting, which gives customers an incentive to pay you either up front or within far more restricted credit terms,
  • We provide a virtual outsourced credit control service.  We can even telephone customers or debtors in your company’s name if you would prefer them to be unaware that you are employing a third party to collect your debts or manage your credit control.

We can undertake all these credit control tasks via the network of Jack Russell Collections Agency offices across the UK. Or if you prefer, we can send our credit management operatives to your offices to work directly with you – and perhaps offer you some training and guidance on your credit control systems at the same time.

We charge a negotiable hourly rate for our outsourced credit controlling services, with a minimum time period of four hours. Please email us if you would like a copy of our full Terms and Conditions.

Please contact us to request further information about outsourcing credit control or a telephone call-back.

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