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    Jack Russell will take on any debt over £500 once it has become overdue or gone beyond the normal trading terms.

    Final Demand

    We will issue a final demand of payment with strict instructions to your debtor with the warning of legal proceedings should they not comply.

    Telephone Follow Up

    Our telephone chase will become active as soon as the seven day demand deadline has been reached. It is professionally structured and includes both evening and weekend calls when debtors are proving to be evasive in the normal course of the working day.

    Doorstep Collection

    This is where Jack Russell heavily outscore their competitors, particularly solicitors, who do not offer this service. Not only do our team of collectors regularly rake in the cash this way but it also gives us an insight into the businesses assets and in the case of an individual, their lifestyle.”

    Instalments Agreed (or not)

    Although there is a high percentage of debtors who won’t pay, there are some genuine cases who simply can’t pay. Jack Russell will determine the genuine from the non-genuine non-payers. They will generally negotiate settlement up to a maximum of three months. Should the debtors offer go beyond that period then Jack Russell will talk to you, the client, to see what is acceptable.

    County Court Action

    Our experienced legal team issue these claims through the CCMCC and will then manage your claim. As we are not lawyers, the claim is always issued in the name of our client. It is important that all disputes are resolved or at least an attempt has been made to resolve prior to the issue of these actions.

    Dispute At Court Hearing

    At present, any claim for debt which is £10,000 or less is deemed to be a small claim. This means that it would be difficult to reclaim any solicitors costs incurred and the court place great emphasis on every effort to have been made to resolve any disputes, and also encourage the use of the mediation service. Jack Russell can get you through this minefield and if you are not able to represent yourselves can arrange legal representation through one of its panel of law firms.

    Judgment Or Order

    It is often necessary to get a County Court Judgment against your debtor to have any hope of recovering your money. To save you substantial lawyers fees we include the issue of County Court action through to judgment at no extra cost providing it is not a complicated claim, as part of the debt cycle. Getting the judgment then means that your debtor gets blacklisted with the credit reference agencies, but more importantly we can move on to the enforcement of your judgment very quickly which gets most debts paid.

    Enforcing Your Judgement

    Our company do not use county court bailiffs. They have proven to be both in effective and extremely time-consuming. Instead we work with highly trained and successful High Court Sheriffs as well as managing other procedures such as third-party orders, charging orders, attachment of earnings orders and orders for questioning of the debtors all “in House”, Truly the one stop shop for enforcing judgements.

    Bankruptcies and winding up petitions

    Before considering making an individual bankrupt or indeed winding up a limited company, it is imperative to establish whether or not there are sufficient assets to satisfy not only your outstanding debt but also the related costs for issuing these types of legal action. If you talk to any of the legal team here at Jack Russell, they will be able to give you free sound advice as to whether or not you should proceed along these lines and also give an indication as to the costs. Some of our clients take the view that you should take this type of action on principle but our view is that you do not want to be throwing good money after bad and that we need to assess the chances of success. We have had some fantastic results over the years through the issue of petitions but they must be issued and served upon a debtor that does have something tangible such as a property.

    Statutory Demands

    If your debt exceeds £750, then a statutory demand could be the right tool for you providing that the debt is undisputed. Jack Russell have specialised in the issue and service of these demands for many many years now with a success rate of over 80%. demands can be prepared within 48 hours of your instruction and then a Jack Russell Representative can be on your debtors premises immediately to serve the demand. Costs for this service can be as little as £150 plus VAT but it is best to contact us so that we can give you a more accurate guideline on this. Please also see the information under bankruptcy and winding up action should the statutory demand fail to work.

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