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Clearing bad debts

We offer this service starting with your ‘virtual credit control department’ right through to our Legal department in issuing a claim.  Our team of credit controllers will persist in calling your debtors to ensure your ledgers are cleared.  80% of your debts should be cleared this way and the remainder we can obtain a county court judgement on your behalf.

In just seven days, a Courier company based in Cumbria achieved success of over 85% recovery of outstanding debts by using our credit control team of telephone specialists. Thanks to positive and professional management put in place by Jack Russell, they have retained the ongoing working relationship with their clients.

A Telemarketing company near Manchester needed to retain their current customer base and clear their bad debts at the same time.  By using our telephone specialists, they were able to achieve this without having to issue any final demands or legal action.

Employing our Specialist Credit Control team can mean retaining your customers and continuing doing business with them while clearing your bad debt ledger.

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How Credit Controllers should control

 “Our credit control, that’s dealt with by Mrs Stanage

She only comes in once a month, that’s all she can manage.”

  • Effective phone calls. Have you got the right person making the right calls? A Credit Controller should be firm but fair. Credit Controllers need to be able to take the rough with the smooth and to expect to be shouted at – debt is an emotional subject. Aid consistency by assigning Credit Controllers to customers so they can monitor the payment process effectively and personally as it develops.
  • Ensure you keep proper history notes of the best day and time to call. Voicemails can go ignored or be avoided. Avoided calls equal avoided payment.
  • Have a proper structure and procedure. Call your customer once the invoice has been sent to make sure it has been received. This will be seen as courteous and is also smart practise as you will know if they are choosing to ignore it if payment doesn’t happen following confirmation of receipt.
  • Deal with queries quickly and don’t allow customers to withhold the whole debt if a small credit note could resolve the problem.
  • Issue regular, clear statements followed by at least one reminder and a final demand.
  • Put the customer on stop if you are supplying an ongoing service or goods to encourage them to make payment, save your resources and prevent further owings.
  • If you agree to any instalment arrangement, ensure that you put this agreement in an e-mail or letter of confirmation. Make sure you keep a copy of any cheque payment made by a customer paying in instalments.

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