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What Credit Checks can conjure up

“I don’t need those, where can I go wrong?

What do you mean it’s a company registered in Hong Kong!”

  • There are many different services offering credit checks including Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Creditsafe to name but a few.
  • These companies Impose strict credit limits.
  • A credit check will let you know what kind of business you are dealing with, be it a Limited Company, a Partnership or a Sole Trader. It will also show the registered address and company number if it is a Limited Company, and whether or not they are still trading.
  • Credit checks give you access to the list of Directors and Shareholders, past and present.
  • They also display any past County Court Judgments the company has and a current credit rating.
  • Consider completing credit application forms.
  • Think about Associate Directorships and the history of that individual.

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