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What is a Debt Collection Agency?

The Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency has now been trading well over 30 years and it was set up due to the massive demand from businesses who were struggling to get the customers to either pay them on time or at all.

Indeed, the reason most businesses fail is down to cash flow and their inability to recover what is rightfully theirs. This is why the majority of small to medium-size firms now choose to outsource their credit control and professional debt recovery requirements to a debt collection agency.

Kerry Bland, Jack Russell’s founder director, recognised this anomaly and decided to use his expertise and years of experience working for various organisations chasing cash such as the Inland Revenue, a finance company and a leading firm of solicitors to help fill a massive gap in the market and pioneer what is now known as a no recovery no fee arrangement on undisputed debts for all companies, Partnerships and sole traders.

Jack Russell now provide their unique services to companies who give credit to their customers such as recruitment agencies, property management companies, IT firms, accountants, day nurseries and many many more.

They also work closely with member firms of leading Chambers of Commerce particularly those in London and Manchester offering a nationwide cost-effective Debt Collection solution. This can be through skilled telephone negotiation or bespoke written requests as well as an in-house legal collections service at no additional cost other than the standard county court fee.

One of the most popular pieces of ammunition in the locker is a legal statutory demand that can be both issued and personally delivered to the debtors in question and in urgent cases, Jack Russell can turn this around inside 48 hours. Interest and a statutory compensation fee can also be claimed which often can offset and easily cover any fees required for this extremely successful and popular recovery process.

The Jack Russell Debt Collection Agency have an extremely high success rate and rather than putting your business at risk through bad debts then it is worth considering using their know-how to get your money into your bank account rather than it remaining in someone else’s. Furthermore if you are considering doing new business with a new customer then they can also provide you with a credit report free of charge so that you make the right decision for your business.

A free no obligation quote is always available so that you can consider your options. Act now and don’t leave it too late as many people do.

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