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What you should consider if you’re taking legal action against a business

If you as a creditor are considering legal action against a business, then the County court will expect you to have followed a pre-legal action protocol. This could also save you considerable costs against you if you fail to comply with this.

A clearly written letter should always be sent to your debtor detailing how your claim is calculated and if interest is to be added a statement explaining the basis on which it is being charged. For example, reference to a particular clause in a contract which allows for interest to be added. It should also state your payment terms and how and when this is to be paid with full details of your bank account including sort code to enable on line transfers. Any disputes should also be clearly outlined by way of a suggested method of resolution such as agreeing to a mediator acceptable to both parties.

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Reference to clauses in your contract, everything needs to be clear before taking legal action.

Always ensure this is done prior to outsourcing the debt to a third-party company or selling the debt on.

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