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Hot Tub Blame Machine

Jack Russell debt collectors act for many different and unusual customers that often present a challenge!


Recently, a landscape gardening company instructed JR to recover a debt for………an unpaid hot tub which has caused them to get a little steamed up! Why?

Well most people will never be able to afford such an item or will consider it to be a luxury that is not necessary. Given the nature of this commodity, it was expected that this was simply going to be an oversight by the debtor and would be paid for immediately. Imagine the surprise when the debtor responded by instructing a lawyer specialising in human rights who claimed that his client was being unfairly treated by being approached to pay for this hot tub in full forthwith.

So what is the world coming to when someone can order a luxury item and then plead hardship and offer to pay 1 pound per month. So who is to blame? Is it the client for allowing credit to easily or is it the debtor for ordering something he knew he could not afford and then attempt to defraud his way out of paying or is it the English legal system for allowing such a travesty


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